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Mind Me Milady – Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks Review

Mind me, Milady is the second instalment of the Jane Larson series. Jane is an attorney on the Upper East Side in New York city. For those who never watched Gossip Girl: think big ass apartments we could never afford, Continue Reading
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Review – Blues Harp Green

Young adult is one of those genres I love to read, curled up on the sofa with a big mug of hot tea, coffee – or just a giant glass of red wine. It transports me back to my own Continue Reading
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99 Red Balloons – Elisabeth Carpenter Review

I absolutely love thrillers and I’m always looking forward to new Avon releases since I have noticed in the past year that they never disappoint. Ever. 99 Red Balloons is an amazing debut with shocking twists revealed along the way. Continue Reading
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Review – Postcards From Pimlico by Paul Barrell

Reviewing books can be hard. A book can be three things: Absolutely fantastic, absolutely awful or "meh". Writing a piece on the first two categories is easy. I would even say that the piece almost writes itself. But when a book Continue Reading
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Review: Solacium – SJ De Lagarde

Sometimes you come across books so gripping, you literally cannot get rid of them. The book is lying next to me and every now and then, I pick it up and go through it again, reading a passage or two, Continue Reading
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Review: The House of Mountfathom – Nigel McDowell

The House of Mountfathom is not a normal house. It is a place of wonder, magic and mystery. Luke, who lives in this magical house and Killian, a street urchin, team up to save House Mountfathom and ultimately the land. Continue Reading
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Review : The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach – Kat French

If Skiledos was a real place, I’d go and live there. The island has great sandy beaches, blue seas and skies, great food and… amazing gin! Winnie, Frankie and Stella, three British women that are rather unhappy with their lives, Continue Reading
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Stephanie Butland – Lost for words review

I have an incredibly big soft spot for quirky and romantic books about book worms. I devoured Jenny Colgan’s “the little shop of happily ever after” and I just knew I would absolutely LOVE Lost for words. Loveday Cardew (Loveday… Continue Reading

Stand By Me Excerpt – Blog Tour

Extract Ten: Chapter 41, p.409 The only other person who knew the truth was Mike. He’d found Lisa passed out on the floor after hearing the news from Ian, so of course she’d had to tell him. He’d thought she Continue Reading

Book Spotlight – Beyond The Spiral Gates by Mutch Katsonga

Wickfields was the name of an institution that housed children deemed too dangerous to live in regular society. Beyond the Spiral Gates is a raw coming-of-age odyssey, a first-hand account of one boy's experiences at the archaic Wickfields School for Continue Reading

Book Spotlight – Things we didn’t ask for by Shannon Massey

One - This story started for an anthology submission. I saw the post two days before the submission closed and I couldn't write fast enough. So I went back to revisit and tweak it for this collection. It started with Continue Reading

Book Spotlight: The Prophecy by Beanie Lei

Why I think this might be worth a read:  We in the west, have all grown up with the stories of the Brother's Grimm, some of us - if lucky, with the legends and lore of their own country and Continue Reading