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240 Colours and their names in English

When writing a book or a text, nothing is more dull than using "flat speech". With "Flat Speech" I mean any language that does not tickle your senses and transports you to the world the book creates. There is a Continue Reading
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5 tips on writing your first draft

Finishing your first draft is incredibly hard. Not only do you actually have to put the work in, you also need to be able to let go of your book and say: yes, now the first draft is ready! Here Continue Reading
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99 Red Balloons – Elisabeth Carpenter Review

I absolutely love thrillers and I’m always looking forward to new Avon releases since I have noticed in the past year that they never disappoint. Ever. 99 Red Balloons is an amazing debut with shocking twists revealed along the way. Continue Reading
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Review – Postcards From Pimlico by Paul Barrell

Reviewing books can be hard. A book can be three things: Absolutely fantastic, absolutely awful or "meh". Writing a piece on the first two categories is easy. I would even say that the piece almost writes itself. But when a book Continue Reading
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Why Influencer Marketing is a gold mine for authors

Self-Publishing is hard. There are so many things you need to figure out yourself: how to publish, where to find an editor, how to commission a great book cover, how to market your book, etc. It is no secret that Continue Reading
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*CONTEST* Win 1 of 3 copies of The Excursionist!

Chosen for the Sunday Mail's Great Outdoor Summer Reads, the Excursionist will definitely help you to keep hold of that fantastic summer feeling a bit longer. "The anti-Eat Pray Love – A darkly comic novel about travel, the need to Continue Reading
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Why every author should have a standing desk

We authors slave away behind a desk for hours and hours in order to write the book we have always wanted to publish. We come home from sedentary day jobs and then put our butt down onto our comfy chair Continue Reading
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Review: Solacium – SJ De Lagarde

Sometimes you come across books so gripping, you literally cannot get rid of them. The book is lying next to me and every now and then, I pick it up and go through it again, reading a passage or two, Continue Reading