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Review – Sleep by CL Taylor

Sleep by CL Taylor is a gripping thriller that perfectly captures the paranoia of the main character. I have reviewed books by CL Taylor before and I absolutely loved reading both The Fear and The Escape. With Sleep, CL Taylor Continue Reading
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Review: One Summer In Paris – Sarah Morgan

Overall, I love reading funny, romantic and light stories that you know end well for the main character. I have always loved reading Kat French and thus it was very easy for me to pick up One Summer In Paris Continue Reading
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IGIST – L.S. Larson Review

L.S. Larson makes reading fun again. I was born in 1992 which puts me – give or take a few years – on the edge of kids not growing up with smartphones, and those who do. Because technology is so Continue Reading
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The Siren Dead by C.F. Harrow Review

When C.F. Harrow gifted me this book, I had no idea what to expect. I had guessed it would be an epic adventure – and boy! I was right! C.F. Harrow sets out an action packed story filled with love Continue Reading
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Review: Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge – Lisa Jensen

I really wanted to love this book. Retellings of fairy tails have always been a popular thing. Disney made us count down to midnight with Cinderella, long for the sand between our feet with the Little Mermaid or even stay Continue Reading
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Review Summer on the Little Cornish Isles: The Starfish Studio (The Little Cornish Isles #3) by Phillipa Ashley

I absolutely bloody love Phillipa Ashley! Summer at The Cornish café was her first book I read (And I also think it was her first book with Avon). My gym was at my local library – same building and everything! Continue Reading
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Review: Influencer by Brittany Hennessy

As a marketer, I hear a lot of my colleagues talk badly about influencers. In fact – influencer-bashing is one of their favourite pastimes. I just don’t get why. Yes indeed: I know and have worked with some absolutely awful Continue Reading
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Review: Networking Kills – success through serving by Mark Maxwell

I am a lousy networker. Like: super duper lousy. Why would anyone want to talk to me? I can’t just go up to someone and start talking to them – can I? Not without at least 2 glasses of merlot… Continue Reading

Blog Tour – From the Darkness, Dragons’ House Book One

Daniel Fenelli is a man haunted by nightmares of a past he doesn’t remember. Distrustful impulsive cold. Daniel is a man of contrasts. He is also vulnerable, loving and warm. When his adoptive father, the respectable Detroit businessman and Mafia Continue Reading

Blog Tour – A Summer Scandal by Kat French

I fell in love with Kat French's writing at the first page of 'The Bed and Breakfast on the beach'. Her newest book, 'A Summer Scandal' is an amazing book to read by the pool or on the beach! Excerpt Continue Reading

The Sweetest Oblivion book spotlight and giveaway.

Danielle Lori's novels incorporate morally questionable heroes, electric hate to love relationships, and sometimes sweet but mostly sassy heroines. She has written in both the fantasy subgenre as well as contemporary, but will never stray from romance. A normal day Continue Reading

Blog Tour: Daniel Gibbs – Echoes of the past book 1

Blurb A republic under attack. A reluctant soldier. An all-out fight for the galaxy’s soul. David Cohen prays he’ll live to see the other side of his first deployment. His people thought they had left war behind when they fled Continue Reading