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How to get inspiration for the setting of your novel

1. Close your eyes and take in the surroundings.

Getting the inspiration you need, and especially when writing the setting, sometimes is just a matter of closing your eyes and build up the surroundings of your character brick by brick, colour by colour. Maybe he’s in he study, maybe there is an important document on his big darkwood desk that will throw your whole story around. Or picture this : your character is at a party, there are drunk uncles and jabbering aunts everywhere, one of the waiters has a weird tattoo. Think about what this tattoo could be, could this maybe be a gang sign?

2. What makes it so unique? Find out and write about it!

So you’re at a family fair in your city. What’s happening? Is it a normal fair? Are there any scary clowns? Are the kids making too much noise or are they behaving quite nicely?
Think about things that could happen in your setting. For instance : at fairs, children can get lost, teenagers get their first kiss and people with coulrophobia ( scared of clowns ) have a pretty bad time. Try to get everything before your minds eye. Even the smallest things can get you inspiration for the setting.

3. How does your character feel in the current setting?

If you know the what, where and how of your setting, if you can shape your setting before your mind’s eye, imagine how your character feels. Maybe your character is standing in a dark and wet alley in Hell’s Kitchen, maybe she’s playing ball with her dog in National Parc. Your character reacts and feels very differently in both situations. Try to crawl into your character’s skin because feeling and seeing what he or she sees will give you more and new ideas on how to move forward your story.

I hope I was able to give you a few tips on how to get unblocked. I hope these tips on how to get inspiration for the setting will help you forward. Let me know how things are going, you can always tweet me or mail!

Happy writing!


3 tips on getting inspiration on the setting of your novel

3 tips on how to get inspiration for your novel

How to get inspiration for the setting of your novel


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