2r04Gnk2By now you will have realised there is no magic formula to write a book, there will be no sudden epiphany into how to dip your bucket into the well of bestsellers and there definitely is no single how-to-guide that works and fits for every single person out there.
R K Gold tells us his story, from the first time he put his pen down to the great relief of being published. He shares his most valuable writing tips with us while his dog Logan is being the cutest interviewee assistant ever in the background.

R K Gold is a fiction writer from Bufallo, New York. He currently has 2 books out with Weasel Press and hopes to make a carreer out of writing.

How to write a book in under a week : key takeaways

The key takeaways in this interview are that you have to set goals for yourself. If you do not set goals for yourself, you cannot hold yourself accountable to anything.
Another great tip is to not plan or do anything else when you want to do a writing marathon and to plan out your book up front. Use a plot sheet to write down all the information that has to go into your story. Try to map out the plot changes, try to map out the conflicts and in some ways the emotions of the characters.

Try to give your characters a face. Write down what they look like and what their characters are. Are they passionate, are they bubbly or are they the kind that would sit at home and mope the whole day when something would go wrong?
If you plan out your book, you plan for succeeding. There are a lot of authors that do not plan or plot their books and that is great! Maybe, while planning, you find that it actually is nothing for you… that is perfect. But at least try it once to see if this helps you in any way.


RK Gold’s books were published by Weasel Press

RK Gold’s BOOKS :

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