FINALLY! You have finished your manuscript… but what now? How do you look for a publisher, what happens when you found one and what are the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to approaching a publishing house.
Weasel from Weaselpress answers these questions and guides us through the steps of publishing.

Weasel gives us a nice insight into the world of publishing. A lot of authors when they are finished writing their stories don’t have a single clue on what to do after they have finished. What will happen next? Who do I have to talk to and do I just send it to a publisher now?

It is often hard to get information from internet because almost everybody tells you something different. Some people tell you not to bother and to go for self-publishing. Others ask you if you have already talked to an agent and some people ask you whether you are even sure you would want to publish it.

Because there are so many different voices all over the internet, I decided to have an interview with someone that actually knows about these things : a publisher. Weasel gives some nice key takeaways.

Mysteries of publishing unveiled – Key Takeaways

  1. Don’t just start sending out your manuscript to every publisher you can find. Publishers will almost always specialize in certain genres and even within the publishers and imprints, they will have certain agents and publishing scouts for certain genres. Do some research online or in your local library.
  2. Make your cover letter personal. Do not send the same text to everyone. It is very easy to pick out the ones that are just copy pasted and unless their manuscript is the new Harry Potter, it is very hard for them to get signed.
  3. Do not give up if it is a no. The next one could be a yes !
Listen to this episode to get an inside look onto publishing.
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