What is the point of writing a book that does not speak to the reader’s heart directly? Either it speaks to his sense of adventure or to her longing for a loving relationship, and sometimes, like Fangirl, it speaks to the scared little adolescent that is hiding behind books, a laptop and that stupid pair of glasses that stare back at you in the mirror. Not that I wear glasses nowadays, but they would stare back at me awkwardly since I’m one hot mess of “awkward”.

Well this book captured my first year at college completely. I was alone, I had no friends whatsoever for a good couple of months and the friends I began to make were the geeky kind. I was scared of my own shadow, never had food in the college restaurant because ‘ gawd I don’t even know where to sit or what to order or how much it costs or. . . ”

Fangirl is familiar like that. It’s about Cather and her twin Wen and their first year at college. It’s about Cather’s first classes, first friendships and first love. About two completely different people doing completely different things but in so many ways they are so alike.

It’s not only Cather’s story we are following, It’s also her fanfic we get to read in this book. Cather is a vivid fan of Simon and Baz from the fictional Simon Snow series. Her fan fiction is being read by thousands of fans from all over the world but she is too shy to come out for it, to take a stance and say : Hi there! I’m the one who actually wrote this.


Although this is quite a lengthy story and although nothing is really happening between the pages, it feels like coming home. It feels like going back to a time when everything was simple. Fuzzy feelings and warm thoughts. It was written in a funny, very lively way and I think Rainbow Rowell touched every single insecurity of a geeky girl starting a new chapter in life, about taking that high and mighty jump into the unknown called C-o-l-l-e-g-e.

Normally I’d toss this kind of “crap” into the bin and never look at it again but this book enchanted me and for some reason I regret reading it right away because this is the kind of book to read in the sofa with a hot mug of cocoa and thick woolly socks while the snow keeps falling out of a grey afternoon sky.

I loved this one.