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How to find a literary agent

Natalie Fowler51SfDWf3WnL._SX321_BO1,204,203,200_ writes Paranormal Mysteries from the ghost’s perspective, i talked to her about her books, her tours and finding a literary agent. When I contacted her, I was actually thinking of making this interview “ Short Story”themed but when I found out more about this awesome and above all, interesting lady, everything changed.

Sit tight and we’ll take you on a walk through the paranormal, writing mysteries, editing and finding an agent.

Key Takeaways :

Natalie talks about how she had finished her book and thought she had won. She thought she would just had to step up to an agent and that they would love her and take her on. And with this attitude she stepped into a pitch and hit and… well lets say it did not go as planned.

I have seen this a lot when coaching authors and this is one of the things I always want to warn people for. You are not alone. I think it is absolutely fabulous you finished your manuscript, but this is where the chase will start. This is where you will have to stand out in a pool of thousands or authors that just want the same as you : getting published.

Another very interesting thing Natalie shared was to listen to your agent but also to go with your gut feeling. One of the agents she contacted asked her to rewrite her book as a young adult novel which turned out to be a bad idea.

Natalie also talks about the paranormal groups she leads. She helps authors on paranormal trips and helps them to channel their ghostly inspiration onto paper.

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I hope this episode can help people that are currently looking for an agent and maybe gives them some tips, tricks and insights into the process. Natalie met her agent on-line but not in a way you might not have thought of…


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