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How to earn money on the side as a writer


Lise Cartwright418QXU8qePL has published 27 amazon kindle books and runs a successful online money making business from her couch. She writes guest blogs and freelances as an editor and ghost writer. Lise shares her secrets, tips and tricks towards a carefree and happy life as a writer and lets us in on some very good information on how to earn money as a writer.

Key Takeaways

If you want to have what they call ” A laptop Lifestyle”, it is important to start small and to start slow. Know where your boundries are and know what you are worth without any references. You basically have to work your way up. On websites like Fiverr┬áit is important to first look at whatever the competition is doing. What can I ad and how can I make it better? Try to look around at what sells and what doesn’t. At what price do things sell and how much can I go below that price. Yes, it is very important to go start with absolute dumping prices in order to – in the first place, get jobs and requests, and in the second place get reviews.

Everything on these online job markets and actually any online marketplace of sorts, rests on reviews. Think about Airbnb for instance. Great pictures and great location but bad reviews will still make you look for another apartment to rent.

Another takeaway is to build a killer profile that will convert interest into sales. Want to know how to earn money online as a writer? Do you want to live the laptop lifestyle? Than this interview is for you!

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