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7 tips every blogger should read


1. Help. What do I write about?

Okay so youhave a blog and that is super! It can be hard to keep up the good work and postarticles every week. On one hand you have a thousand ideas and thoughts flowing through your synapses and on the other hand you stare at your cursor and completely blank page, asking yourself why you started this in the first place.

Step one : Find out what niche your blog belongs to.

If you write about the weekly hair styles of Prince Harry, you might find your blog in the “British Royalty” niche. If you write about how to make your own bio lip balm, you might find yourself in the “ Bio Makeup” niche. Try and find out where your blog belongs.Type in a generic search term that is connected to your niche and look at the search results. If you can’t find a topic to write about, scroll down and look at the related search terms.

These related search terms are a gold mine if you don’t know what to write about. These are often terms that are not as densely populated by sites and when you are concerned about your SEO and ranking, it might be a good thing to try and rise up high in these categories. If you are writing about Prince Harry’s hair and one of the search terms is “ Prince Harry’s hair products.” You might want to write about the products Harry uses to keep his ginger hair in place.

Bloggers who are more concerned about their SEO and their rankings and want to write good content to get them up the google-ladder, can use Google Trends.

Google trends shows you what is trending at this exact moment but you can also research keywords. Google trends will give you a report on how many times these words are being looked up on the internet, where people are looking them up from and what the related search terms are. I will give you my silly example again. If you are writing about Prince William’s hair, you can see that most people researching this are living in the UK. Not many people type in these words in Google, only 16 on April 2016 and the related search term Prince William Hair is a lot more popular. This might give you some insight in the topics you write about and how popular they are going to be with the audience.


2. How do I start writing?

You start writing by picking up a pen and by forming weird and small comprehensive signs on a sheet of paper or by moving your fingers over the keys on a keyboard, logging words and full sentences. No, really, writing is just a matter of sitting down and doing the job.

I am going to move to the UK in September and when I came back from one of my small trips to get my shit together, I noticed the woman next to my was typing a whole bunch of gibberish into her computer. “I don’t know what to write and I don’t want to do this presentation but I have to do it because I do not want to get fired and I do not want to let the people in my office down. Bladibla how do start with the presentation. I don’t know but I need to start thinking soon…” and it went on like this. She caught me looking at my screen and gave me a smile. “When you are stuck with writing.” She said. “ You just write the first thing that comes into your mind. If you just stare at the blank space, it will block you even more.” I have been using this technique ever since and it helps a bunch. I still procrastinate, but I am less blocked.


3. What if someone already wrote about this topic?

Chill… this would not be the end of the world. There are 6 billion and counting people in this world, unique ideas are hard to find if you are not in the field of quantum physics or called Elon Musk. The one problem you will be having is that it will be quite hard to outrank these people in the Google search results. Is this not an issue for you? Fine! Just write on and make it an awesome article… if you do want to climb higher in the search results, you will have to do some research.

Google does not put that much value SEO anymore as it used to do. It will be up to you to research your topic, read the other high ranking articles and write your own. Nobody will shoot you for getting inspiration from the high ranking websites, but the most important thing you should do is add whatever these articles were missing. Write better content and try to make the article a minimum of 1000 words long, packing it with +- 13 to 15 mentions of the main search word you want to concentrate on for this article.


4. Why does it take so long to write my blog?

Because you procrastinate.

Yes, I know, I am guilty as charged.

Try using productivity apps such as forest or try setting an alarm on your cell phone to help you write for short periods ( eg 20 min). Every 20 to 30 minutes you take a 10 minute break where you can procrastinate as much and as hard as you want. You do have to keep yourself to these set goals and time frames, otherwise this will not work.


5. Why does one post get more attention than the other one?

The worst part of blogging is when you begin doubting yourself and your writing. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with your writing. Sometimes it can take a while before your post turns up in the search engine results. Try and track the trends of your niche and the key words you built your blog post around.

When it is the response from followers you are lacking, you might want to take a look at the way you connect with your followers. It is very important to connect to these people as if they were your best and closest friend. Fans are there on their own accord and you should be very thankful. When they send messages or when they comment on blogs, try and answer as soon as possible and in a jovial and happy way. If someone asks how you are, you don’t just answer “ good.” Try and be open, try and tell something about your day and ask them about theirs. If someone compliments you on your post, be grateful, if someone does not like your post… thank them for their time to read your blog and ask them what they would have changed. Never, NEVER EVER, react angry or hateful. This will look very unprofessional towards other readers and fans and may even damage your blog and name.

6. How to make readers share your post

SocialMedia are important to get your word out there and to find a new audience. Being shared on social media is important for bloggers, writers and even podcasters alike.

On the website you can look up what keywords are being shared the most on social media and what topics are trending on different platforms. It is an awesome look into your demographic on social media.

You can also ask your fans to share the post but to be honest, I don’t think this is a very respectful thing to do.

7. What if I made mistakes in my blog?

You are human, go on and fix them!

I will probably have made tons of mistakes in this one. – God, I don’t even want to think about it. Read your blog very carefully before you post. Try to read it out loud so you can detect inconsistencies or weird sentences. Only click ‘post’ when you are sure. Don’t panic when you find a mistake, these things happen. You can always go back and correct your post.



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