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How to get a publisher without an agent

Interview with Linda Foster

Linda Foster UnnaturalSoul_LindaFoster_FrontSMALL_finallives in the magical Colorado. When she is not walking her dog or writing her book, she works in a school. The pupils give her all the inspiration she needs.
A few years back she signed with Glass House Press. This was the end of a hard and difficult search for an agent or a publisher. In the end she managed to get signed without the help of a literary agent. It took more than a hundred rejection letters, a lot of courage and a damn strong woman but Linda will be welcoming her first, published, book very soon.
If you want to know how to get a book deal without a literary agent, this episode is a must listen to!

Key Takeaways on how to get a publisher without an agent

Your online presence is of uttermost importance. A lot of agents and publishers will actually look at your online platform and following before they take on your manuscript. Why? Because in the end, they are just part of a business that has to try and sell books. If you don’t sell books, your business will go belly up.
Another thing you have to keep in mind is that these people also have online social media profiles and that you can perfectly approach publishers and agents on Twitter. A lot of agents will even call for new manuscripts via these platforms. You do have to keep in mind that although social media is very personal and social, you have to keep your communications with agents and publishers VERY professional.


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