Interview with Jared Warner

This time we are doing something different. This is not an interview with a writer, but with a podcaster. Jared is starting a podcast on the fear of failure, something a lot of writers go through. A lot of us think our writing is not good enough, we turn into perfectionists and edit while writing, we are scared we are not good enough to be published or just think we will fail no matter what. Jared gives good tips on how to overcome this fear of failure and on how to become an effective writer that can put this fear of failure to work. Jared is also an online marketing expert. He has been on top of the online game since he was 16 years old. He had e-mail on his telephone in the nineties and was a fan of mobile marketing before it was the next big thing. He gives some great insights on how to use the internet to our advantages when marketing our book and on how to use social networks to connect with fans, fellow writers and to market our books.

Key Takeaways on how to overcome the fear of failure as a writer

First of all : relax. Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be perfect. You are going to write that book and you are not going to stress about it. Fear is all in your head. Why are you scared of failing? You being scared and not finishing your book because of that fear makes you fail 100%

Are you scared that there won’t be an agent or a publisher that wants your book? It is a well-known secret in sales that you have to work the numbers. That every no you get brings you closer to a yes. So if you get a rejection letter, just hang it against your wall, start writing and perfect your book. Send it out to another publisher, another agent and BEAT that fear!


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