Bill Kieffer29921254, also known as Greyflank, is a very active member of the Furry Community. In this interview he tells us about his personal problems and his problems with writing, he gives us some insight into the wonderful and interesting world of “  furries “ and talks about his new book Goat.

To me, furries are something completely new. I have to admit that I am a geek and that I am quite well known with geek culture and everything that goes on in there. But for some reason furries completely went by me.

Furries are quite Marmite ( yes, I mean the British spread ) : you love them or you hate them. But just like with marmite : I am quite on the fence with this as I have no idea what to think. Maybe there is someone else of my readers or listeners that might give me some insights?

Is it something I would consider? No. Do I think it is intriguing? HELL YEAH!
I have no idea why the discussions in the comments got so much out of hand and I would like to appologise for any inconvenience. This website is not here to fight out battles in the comments but to bring people together through writing and books.

This is why I have taken the decision to delete all the comments that are currently on this page and I am going to state a zero tolerance for hate and negativity. I hope you guys all understand!


Bill was so kind to send me all of the links of the people and websites he mentioned. (Bill ) (a furry is a person who wants to meet other furries, but everyone has their own explanation)
Bill : Ocean Tigerox, my favourite editor is also a writer and has a podcast:

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