fdblQskZInterview with Tiberius Engle 

Tiberius describes himself as a life-long learner, multilingual, well-travelled idealist, veteran, avid drinker of tea, steadfast Aquaman Defender. If that doesn’t sparkle your interest, I do not know what will.
I talk with Tiberius about his novel, about his road to finding an agent and more importantly: the road to getting published.
He tells about how his experiences in the army shaped him and his work and about what motivates him.
You will hear Tiberius’ absolutely adorable son through the interview. I did not want to cut it out because it was just too cute. It gives the interview a cute and personal touch, just to show that writers – big or small, are people too.
I also wanted to say that you can always contact the people I interview, they are very nice people and they don’t bite. They are part of a broader hive mind of people that know about writing and their insights are very interesting!

Key Takeaways from on Finding an Agent, on motivation and plotting your novel

Everybody plots his or her novel in a different way. With plotting, there is no ” one size fits all”, you just have to do what you feel best with. Are you someone that will plot every single page? Fine, good on you. Are you someone that would rather just write as it comes. Great!
Do remember though that plotting and planning are almost the same and that you should always plan for success.
I myself used to be someone that would just take a page as it came, someone that would let the characters decide what to do! After I started writing my current manuscript I found that planning and plotting my novel actually provided me with a framework that helped me to stay on point and helped my when I was stuck or when the writers block kicked in.