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Interview with Maxwell Ivey

Hi! Welcome to Merlot and Writing… or should I say The Write Way…
That’s right! We did a complete overhaul of the Podcast, blog and brand! Because of all your awesome and great responses I felt we could do better and bigger!
I also want to say sorry because it took so long to get this episode out! I am currently moving to the UK, helping out my boyfriend’s and my own parents and trying to get a job in London. It is complete mayham.
Someone to look up to in times that not everything is going your way is Maxwell Ivey, our guest for the next half hour. Maxwell has overcome so many hurdles and when life gave him lemons he… decided to make lemonade and blog and write books about it! His blog “the blind blogger” is so inspirational and I love reading the stories. Enjoy the next half hour and my talk with Maxwell Ivey!

Key Takeaways on The Blind Blogger

I think one of the biggest takeaways is just the fact that Max is actually doing this. He is out there, blogging, writing… I mean : What is your excuse?
Max has always had a very entrepreneurial spirit and I think it is safe to say that he is definitely not a quitter. He lost a TON of weight, started his own business and is writing books. How cool is this?
Max gives a ton of good information in this episode on motivating yourself and on how to keep on doing what you are doing, even when life gives you lemons and you really don’t like lemonade.
I hope this episode can be a source of inspiration for all of you, it certainly was for me. Who inspires you?

Twitter : @Maxwellivey



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