Episode 13
Interview with Savy Leiser

Pwi3wJxsToday I’m talking to Savy Leiser, a 23 year old writer living in Chicago. She graduated from North Western University in 2015 and released her book The Making Of A Small Town Beauty King in February 2016. The book is a contemporary young-adult comedy about a boy who wants to win a beauty pageant, a girl who wants to destroy the pageant, and a small town that gets turned upside down.

Savy talks about going to events and how to network as a writer. Not everyone is cut out for networking. It can be scary and even overwhelming to step into a venue or hall, all by yourself with the sole purpose of making contact with other writers, with editors, agents and publishers. Savy explains how she overcomes this fear and how she uses the networks to her benefit like getting a signing in a book shop.

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Key – Takeaways

I think one of the key takeaways in this episode was that you always have to have a plan when going into a networking event. Sometimes you just HAVE to go on your own, sometimes you just HAVE to make that leap. Always remember that the other people in that room are there for the exact same reason as you are there : they want to network. Whenever I went to networking events, I used to think : but what if they are not interested in me? What if I am not interesting enough? What will they say?
Well, man has this in explainable nature to help others so if you are polite and kind and you do not know where to start when networking, just ask someone how you for instance write a plot or you ask them what they consider themselves great at. You will notice that people open up.
Still scared? I would actually go as far as to say you should read How to make Friends and influence People – dont take it to heart, because you don’t want to come over as insincere, but it might help you understand how people tick.

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