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How to do a book tour

Interview with Charles Blackstone

Charles_Blackstone_writerWhen you have written your book and edited it for the one thousandth time, when you have found a publisher or even published it yourself… the next thing you have to do is market it. One of the best and to be honest – most fun, ways of marketing your book is by doing a book tour.
A book tour can take a week, a month or even longer, depending in how much time, effort and often how much money you would like to put into it.
Book tours can be physical, in book shops for instance, or online. They are an awesome way of both getting the word about your book out, and also of keeping in touch with your fans and maybe even making new ones.

One of the people that had some very interesting book tours was Charles Blackstone. Charles Blackstone is an academic and author born and raised in Chicago and now living in New York city. I asked Charles about the book tour he did for Vintage Attraction and for some tips and tricks for people who want to try and set one up for their own. An interesting interview for people that are both just starting with their novel and already finished!

As from now, I will be doing a complete blog and podcast schedule where I will release a podcast episode every Sunday and a blog post matching the topic of the interview every Wednesday.

I hope you will enjoy the interview and don’t forget to tune in next week when we will have a talk about professional book reviews and being a professional music journalist with Jordan Blum!




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