31WtqM28lrL._UX250_One of the most exciting and best ways to get feedback for your manuscript is by using beta readers. Beta readers are people – they can be family and friends or people you have never even met, that read your book and give you feedback on the manuscript. This way you know that your readers, your agent or your publisher know what the book is about and that big plot holes, mistakes or ambiguities are resolved.

Catharine Bramkamp explains how she uses beta readers and in what way this has influenced her work. She explains where she would usually find these beta readers, how she interacts with them and what the best ways are to get the most out of the feedback of these beta readers.

Catharine is an award winning novelist, poet and podcaster. She is a very successful coach and an adjunct English professor. When reading her goodreads profile I found the sentence : For a good time she reads, writes and visits galleries and museums. For a good time her husband collects selfies of himself standing OUTSIDE the museum.
I just had to share this with you guys because it is just TOO perfect!