deadgirlsdontliereviewWhat would you do if your best friend got killed over the summer? Would you look for the killer or would you just let the police do their work? What if your best friend sent you messages from beyond the grave? And what if she told you, you could not trust anybody, not even the police…

Stereotypes and more stereotypes

Yes this sound like a premise for a super thrilling young adult novel. Is this what Dead Girls Don’t Lie is? Yes and no. Although the story I quite good and builds op tension very well… it has its flaws.

First of all: the story is quite slow. Although it drew me in and I always wanted to keep reading, every now and then the story slowed down to the pace of a London double-decker bus in rush hour. It would be frustratingly slow and I would catch myself skipping parts I was not really that interested in.

Second of all: what is up with all the religion? I get that God, Jesus and the disciples play a big part in the lives of small-town USA, but if you want a book to go big in Europe, religion is one of the boxes you better keep closed. I don’t mind reading about it but my co-commuters on the London underground audibly heard me sigh every time there was some kind of insinuation pointing to church life, Christian morals and the big difference between the catholic church (migrant church ) and the Protestant ( white people ) church. I hated how the protagonist was not able to have sex with her boyfriend because of these religious rules and indoctrinations and how the people going to church were “the good ones” in a certain way. It bothered me… it bothered me as it does in all Christian books. I just don’t get the genre and I think with me, many Europeans.

And it just does not make any sense…

Some things in this book just don’t make sense and I could not get my head around others. I sometimes feel the writer used a deus ex machina. I mean, I went to school in a medium sized town and I knew everybody from my year, the year above and the one below so HOW could she not know that one of the people disappeared from school for half a year? And then there’s the father: way too strict and religious and when he isn’t needed anymore the writer makes him disappear.

Also : what is up with all stereotypes? Church goers, Mexicans, Hillbilly’s, Goths… I mean. What’s up with the Goth thing and it being oh so bad? I’ve been a metalhead and a punk and currently I’m sporting pink hair. I’m not a bad person. Yes, the church people would think I’m going down a bad path, but painting your hair, measuring yourself into a subculture ( perfectly normal for a teenager) and hanging out ( OMG THEY ARE KISSING) with boys… it’s not the end of the world and I was a bit hurt that this was seen as “the bad path”.

So did I like it?

All in all… despite my frustrations, I enjoyed the story and the writing style was okay. I give it a three Christian crosses… I mean stars out of five because every now and then it kept me on the edge of my tubeseat.

Would read again? Nah