bootcampSeven days, Six nights, Three woman with extra heavy baggage and two ex-military men and one big, old, manor house that is everything except for what was advertised. Steph is a curvy, beautiful woman with very low self esteem, vicky is a round mum of three that won
a ticket to the boot camp and Darcy is a news presenter whose career may as well soon be over.

As these women build on their physique – all for their own reasons, they find themselves and ultimately the answers they were looking for.

I cannot really tell you more about this book since I might give away more than I want – And I hate spoilers.

I LOVED reading this book. Yes, I love chicklit. So and? I loved reading this book on the tube and it has to be said that after being a few pages you just get sucked into the story.
These three women are also very different, with very distinct and very well laid out voices. It is often quite hard to write characters this different and let them come together in a way that does not take away the spotlight of their problems and their personality. I think almost every women will find snippets of herself in this story which makes the whole experience so much more personal.

I myself very much saw myself in Steph who was constantly brought down by her ex. I had somewhat the same experience – thinking it was all your fault, acting weird and losing control of your life, losing direction and forgetting what you really like and want. I was rooting for her and I loved reading every twist and turn that made her plot and story thicken.

On the other hand I also loved the story of Darcy, who, might not be as shallow as she seems at first. The war journalist, the woman with the balls of steel.

The one I liked least was the story of Vicky. It might be a story that fits most woman reading these kinds of books – raising kids and being happy just being a good mom, but it does not seem to grab me as much as the other two do.

The style of writing and the hilarious quotes  made me laugh out loud on the Jubilee line to Bond street and the story itself was fast paced and not self absorbed ( happens a lot in chicklit ) at all!!

Going to the library next week to look for more books by this author!