Interview with Philip Meersman

philipmeersmanI am so sorry for not uploading an episode sooner but I was an idiot. After what seemed the worst weekend ever ( Boyfriend forgot his ID so could not go to Belgium with me, train delays, long travels and quite a foul mood) I forgot my laptop at my parents´ place in Ostend, Belgium.
My laptop traveled for two weeks and I basically had to move hell and earth to get it back after a capital mistake by the Dutch Postal service.

Everything of any importance ( interviews, programs, my manuscripts etc) was on here so you can see what state of mind I was in at the thought of actually losing this little piece of ingenuity.

This week I am interviewing Philip Meersman. Philip organizes Brussels Poetry Fest and I was quite interested in hearing from him what it takes to make the bill of one of these festivals. What was it that made some poets special and other poets not? What can YOU, as a poet, do to get into the searchlight of organizations that might give you a stage? You will learn this and a lot more in this episode !