If you are like me, your phone is one of the most important things in the world. I take it everywhere and I am always looking to install a new app or a new titbit. I am listing 5 mobile apps for authors that would make the life as a writer easier!

  1. Ommwriter 

Ommwriter is an app for IOS users but you can also use it on your Windows computer or on your Mac. Ommwriter is a program that will take away all the distractions you normally experience with writing on a computer. Y5 mobile apps for authorsou just plug in your headphones and type away in the specially designed, very relaxing editor.

Music and ambient sounds will help you to keep your concentration on point and the simple background does not distract you. You cannot change font and cannot change color or size of the letters
. All you have to do is just type away. Great to use when you are typing up your first draft and when you are struggeling with writers block.

This app will not come free but you will be able to choose yourself how much you give – well not completely. You have to donate a minimum of $5.11 for this program but since it helps a lot with writers block I do feel that this is worth it.

2. Brain Waves 

When finding yourself in the black hole that is called Writers Block, music can help you regain your creativity. Whenever i write, I often look for particular music to suit the setting on spotify. This helps me to get inspired, to get fired op and to get into the “mood” to write the piece I was planning to write. This app however, will nog only play music, but it will also send out frequencies to stimulate your brain according to what you want to do, what you want to write about and what you want to achieve. Pretty cool isn’t it? The app is available on Android and IOS.


Yes, I know… Evernote is quite well-known but I just wanted to throw it in there because it is just so incredibly handy! It can be downloaded on almost every plaform and it is so easy to sync all your content onto your devices.
I find myself using evernote successfully at work, when I have a free second and want to take note of something interesting, or just on my commute so I can use my time editing or writing my stories.

4. Dragon Dictation 

Dragon dictation is an app that will let you dictate your story into your phone! Yes!
Well… on IOS that is. Android users can turn their phone into a remote microphone when they have installed dragon dictation on their PC.
Sometimes you think faster than you write and since it is important to capture every word and every nuance, it might be easier to just dictate your story. Dragon dictation lets you dictate the story and turns it into text. No, indeed, the text will not be without mistakes, but it is a lot easier than just typing everything out. I do recommend to pick out and correct the mistakes at the end of your session since you will get stuck with weird sentences that make no sense.

5. Spice 

Spice literally lets you spice up your writing. Are you stuck with ” once upon a time”? Than this might be a very good tool for you. Spice lets you discover what masters like Shakespeare and Hemingway used in their literature to describe certain passages, people or things. Ofcourse it is not done to copy any of these guys but it might give you an interesting insight into what to write and how to phrase it.