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Rising from the dust – Fauza Beltz

Fauza Beltz was born out of wedlock in Kenya. Although this is “no biggy” in most civilized countries, both Fauza and her mom were seen as sinners. Her dad’s family did not want them to marry and soon after Fauza had to go and live with her grandmother on her father’s side. This woman, although she raised the little girl well, was not a kind soul and as soon as she could go and live with her father in the big city, she would.

I am not going to tell you the whole story of Fauza, but you get the gist. Fauza is a strong woman that although she has known a lot of hardship, she was able to excel and to flee the poor conditions she was in. She got a degree and started working in hospitality, saving what little money she had and looking out for a better life.

The story of Fauza is an inspirational one. You start putting your own life in perspective and although at the start of the book you absolutely hate Fauza’s family and the fact that Kenyan culture is so archaic when it comes to women and family, you begin to respect the girl that could turn things around and break free out of the shackles that her culture, country and religion had put around her wrists.

There is nothing much to say about the style. It is short, snappy concise which makes this book an easy read.

The book is quite short with some nice quotes and pictures. I read it on a lazy Sunday in a few hours and although this would not necessarily be a book I would pick up in a shop – The non-fiction I read is mostly about marketing, business and leadership, I enjoyed it very much.

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This book is a must-read for people that love stories of strong-women. It is a source of great inspiration and I think a lot of women – it does not matter what situation they are in, could benefit from reading this book.




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