AuthorIANAl W Moe is an American author who lives in Hawaii with his wife and daughters. He’s been writing books and blogging for more than ten years and loves to read. Moe has several favorite authors who rarely call or write. In protest, he refuses to read any of their novels starting with the letter “Z”.

1.   Can you tell a bit more about yourself?


I have a wife and four daughters, and still, have moments of sanity. I’ve been writing newsletters and blogs for more than 10-years and have no other source of income. Yikes!


2.   What inspired you to write?


The often misguided belief that people want to hear what I have to say.


3.   What is your latest book about?


“Getting Thin is Murder” is about the ridiculous idea that we all should look and sound the same, that everyone should be perfect. That and a series of murders an ex-baseball player stumbles upon while avoiding an assassin.


4.   Where and how do you write?


I have a desk with no drawers, just room for my keyboard and screen, and I write late at night when the house is dark and spooky.


5.   Did you plot and how does your plotting process work?


I don’t trust plotting. I just had a couple ideas and let the characters evolve and struggle with their issues. They had plenty.


6.   Do you have an editing strategy and what is it?


If I don’t write for a few days, I go back and reread the last few chapters, editing as I go.
7.   What does your family think of your writing?


They are moderately amused but supportive.


8.   How hard was it to get your book out there?


Not tough. It’s a lot easier than having a real job, especially since I’m not qualified to do anything productive.


9.   What do you think is the hardest part of writing a novel?


Holding my crayon, and having a solid story idea and creating believable characters.


534158_orig10.   What do you think makes a great story?


Something new; a suspenseful, imaginative story that draws the reader in and won’t let them go.


11.   Looking back, what would you have done differently or why wouldn’t you?


I would have had my wife work with me on the female characters.


12.   Where do you get your inspiration?


Cosmic coincidence, like any two random thoughts or events that collide and provide a spark for a new issue or situation that is fun or challenging for my characters.


13.   How do you handle writer’s block?


Like most authors, I whine and cry. Pizza helps. Plus, I have beaches, so I’m blessed. That really means I take a break and work on something else. Often the answer comes as I’m drifting off to sleep – so a notepad by the bed is important.


14.   Your top 3 tips for people who want to start writing.


Walk before you run, meaning read plenty of books in the genre you love. Write something every day. Be honest and creative.


15.   Where would people be able to find you online?


Dark, seedy, dangerous places I know better than to visit. As for my books, they are on Amazon.