What would you do if you were taken captive in a country that is not your own. More : Taken captive for a crime you did not commit? What would you do if they took you for someone else and threw you in jail with murderers and gangsters and rapists?

Karl an his friend take a trip to Dubai, a city notorious for being – well, you remember Pleasure Island from Pinocchio, right? To be honest, YES. I am very biased against Dubai. I am not a big fan of religion nor of people acting stupid around money ( aka nouveau riche ) and thus Dubai is frankly a city I would rather avoid (big time).

And honestly? This book does not make me hate the city state any less.
Karl and his friend were on a trip to Dubai when they met a few new friends. One of them offered Karl an amazing rental car… but after a few miles, a police force picked them out of traffic and put them into chains. The white plastic bag behind the window turned out not to be the local kind of tobacco after all…

What follows are a “series of unfortunate events” in Dubai’s most notorious prison… From mob bosses to fights to being scared of getting raped. I am not going to reveal a lot more since this is actually a book I would like you to read. And let’s be honest, we all hate spoilers!

I have always been a big fan of crime – and especially true crime. Yes, I am one of those chicks that sits in the sofa, bingeing on my Domino’s Pizza and a few fruit ciders while watching ” wives with knives” and “deadly women”. So yes, this book was right up my street!

This book was a very easy read. I have to say that this is an absolute perfect commuter book. Too bad I did not have any cider nor pizza on the tube but I enjoyed reading it very much. It is not too heavy so you won’t come out laden and it is quite fast paced so it actually does help to move the time and thus your commute.

Justin Penrose did a great job helping Karl write this book and he used his experience from the Sunday Mirror to light out the most exciting bits and to help Karl write them in a gripping way. It kept the book very interesting and it made me want to read it to the end.

For me this is a caution. I’m a chick with a big mouth and I do not like stupid religious rules – especially if they are disrespecting women. So no, Dubai is not the place for me to go, but in the end I absolutely loved this book! A must read if you like crime.