A lot of the people I coach are self-publishing because they believe that ” Traditional publishing is dead”. They believe that giants such as Amazon, Kobo and even Ibooks will take over and that people will opt more to buy self-published ebooks over traditional published works. But is this true?

No. This is definitely not true and it will never ever be. Traditional publishing is very much still alive. And in some regards this is the fault of self publishing authors themselves….

  1. Expertise

If you don’t have the money or the expertise to self-publish ( Read my lips : self publishing is never ever free if you want to do it well ), the easiest way to go around publishing a book is by doing it via a traditional publishing house.
Depending on the publishing house you choose, they will help market your book and even help you to set up blog tours and signings. This is a HUGE support that self-publishing authors will not have except if they take a PR firm or a marketing agency under the arm.

2. Quality

One of the ways self-publishing authors have secured the future of traditional publishing is by letting loose a lot of “cowboys” in the field. Some people – pardon my French, basically put out the biggest pile of crap on Amazon and it tires people. Stories aren’t good, spelling is quite bad and the grammar isn’t going anywhere. This is why I am a big advocate of self-publishing authors ALWAYS investing in 1. a cover and 2. an editor . This way you will make your book the best it can be and you won’t disappoint people.
Traditional publishing houses invest in editing and thus give their customers ( because that is ultimately what readers are ) some sort of reassurance that what thy are buying is of a certain standard.

By the way, I do not, in any way, want to point the finger at self-publishing authors because I know there are a lot of them out there that actually DO do things right, but there are a heap of them that don’t… (and they mess it up for all the rest of you )

3. It’s a great plan!

What a publisher does is, they INVEST in books. They invest money in editors and marketing and people designing covers in order to make the book sell. Their end goal is to get more money in than they put out. It’s simple as pie, but this model is so good and so incredibly sound that it will sustain itself.

4. Prestige and marketing and… prestige

And don’t forget that there are still authors out there that would rather publish the traditional way than to go on and self-publish. Why? Because of the prestige. Tell me, if Bloomsbury would ask you tomorrow to publish your new manuscript with them, would you say no?
And the fact that traditional publishing houses have so much money to put into marketing – one only has to look at the advertising in the London tube, that people will keep buying books in regular book stores ( figures dropping does not mean they aren’t there anymore ) or online ( even via Amazon ).

I think self-publishing and traditional publishing will exist alongside each other catering to two different markets that will only overlap in certain small areas. The reasons why the public still prefers buying books published by traditional publishers over self-published authors is because they are looking for a seal of quality and that seal is often the name of the publishing house.

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4 reasons why traditional publishing is not dead