I have worked with influencers both in my past job as a digital marketing executive for a skincare brand and now as an online marketing executive for a London based agency.

Influencers can mean any of these things

  1. Influencers whose blog posts are shared a lot
  2. Influencers who can actually drive sales
  3. Influencers who have a big social media following and thus get the word out there for you

When you want to find influencers whose content is shared widely, you can try to have a look on buzzsumo. This gives an overview of what content is shared and who wrote it.

If you want to find influencers that actually drive sales, I will have to tell you that this is a work of trial and error. The best thing to do is to compile a list of relevant bloggers and send them your product. For an author I would always recommend sending digital copies to bloggers with a social following of (all profiles combined) less than 6000 people and to send a physical copy of your book to bloggers that have more followers. Why? Because more often than not these influencers ask a fee for digital copies ( and they are right to do so).

When looking at people with a big social following, you can have a look on Twitter ( although twitter is less likely to drive sales ), Facebook and Instagram. Yet again here I would ophold the same rule for sending out electronic copies and physical copies.

I, with my blog am an influencer in the book niche and this is how I work. When I get a request for reviewing a book, I first see what kind of book it is and if it fits my audience. Then I see if the author wants to send me a physical copy. If they do, I give them my address. If they don’t, I ask them the email address of their contact at the publisher ( and see if I can get contacts with the publisher ) and if they can’t provide, I ask for a fee.

Now, why would influencers ask for a fee? Well because upholding a strong internet presence is time consuming, just like reading books and writing quality blog posts is. When you would send them an electronic copy, you are basically trading their time and services with something electronic with no resale value ( sorry but it is the truth). Most influencers get about 25 to 40 requests a week and have to weed out the ones that will not bring them anything in the form of good books or money to keep their services going. Because that is what it is : you are trading books or money for services and just like authors do not want to work for free, so won’t influencers.

So before you contact influencers, have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what budget you are willing to spend. If you are looking to contact blogs, be sure to – when they ask for your budget, always ask for a do-follow link to your own self-hosted blog or website ( this is SEO juice ) and to send you an invoice.

Want to know more about influencers? Please do contact me because I can get you in contact with some UK ones.

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