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Open call for Book/Writing Bloggers !

This is an open call to all bloggers that write about authorship, writing and books. These can be tips, tricks, book reviews or even author interviews.

I am looking to bundle our powers so we can stand strong together in our little niche. I would like to do this – first of all by creating a shared Pinterest board. Many of you know that Pinterest drives a very high number of traffic to your website. Now, one way to give your Pinterest a bit of a push is by creating a shared board. If you would like to join and pin your articles and blog posts to our shared board, please send an email to with your pinterest name and your blog.

I am also looking for book bloggers and reviewers to team up together. I would love to help you AND authors to get in touch by putting your website on my blog. Please send an email to to get in touch!

open call for writing and book bloggers

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