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The Escape – Review

A few months ago, I think it was just after Christmas, I bought a Jawbone Up. It is a small little band that registers your steps, your workouts and your heartrate. Last week my average resting heartrate went up. What? Why? I had been working out, I had tried (and failed) to eat more healthily and from what I knew, my resting heartrate should have gone down instead of up. I have read about this: I was pregnant. Was I? No. That could not be it because I have an IUD. SHIT! What is happening? I asked my boyfriend and showed him my results. From 55-60 to 70 and 75! I honestly had no idea what was happening to me and my body! ” You pickle!” My boyfriend laughed at me and shook his head. “It’s that damn book.” I looked at the book that was resting next to me on my pillow and gave my brain some time to ad everything up. Yes. That was it. I had reading this book at every occasion I could, I had felt my heart racing and it was so tense I even caught myself biting my nails. Wow. Yes. This book is so good, so thrilling, even my heart rate monitor noticed!

Jo – Joanne, is not a tiger mother. She is scared, scared that anyone would hurt or worse: kidnap or kill, her little girl. It’s her agoraphobia. It’s that damn disease that prevents her from giving her little girl the life she deserves. They do not go to parks or playgrounds, they do not take holidays and even letting her kid play outside at the nursery is a big no-no. Her husband Max, a journalist, has always been very patient with his wife. But everything is about to change when a strange woman talks herself into Jo giving her a lift home. From the moment, the women steps into the car, the mood turns hostile. “Watch your daughter” she says while handing Jo the little rainbow glove of her daughter. “Watch your daughter because you do not want anything to happen to her.”

Paula, the woman that threatened Joanne promises to bring her family down because Max ” has something that belongs to her” and she wants it back. Max however, does not believe his wife … but then things go from bad to worse and Joanne must escape!

cl taylor the escape review

Damn, even writing the little summary made my heart race, thinking back of the book, the plot twists and ultimately the “grand reveal”.

I absolutely love the way Taylor made her characters come to life. And even though you actually do not feel any sympathy for ANY of the characters, you feel as if you know everything about them, every single detail, every single thought and it is – it feels as if, you get sucked into their skin.

Taylor describes everything in detail, but because she shows and does not tell, the story does not grow boring. I for instance love how – and this is one thing that stayed to me, she described how the elastic ends of Elise’s (Jo’s daughter) jacked slipped over her little hands. You have to read to understand this but it is as if you slip the jacket over the small hands yourself.

The things she describes are not just page fillers but make the book feel real, they five the characters their humanity.

The story has many twists and – when you read the book yourself, you will know what I am talking about, although you think you have figured everything out: you haven’t.  Yes: some things were quite clear and others weren’t but … Some things I just did not see coming.

This book is like a roller coaster. It keeps you tucked into your seat and takes you onto a bumpy ride, it gives you that weird feeling in your stomach, it makes your heart race and even though you see everything coming, you never know what is hiding behind the bend!

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