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Review – The Club by Cornelius Moore

Reviewing a book is not as easy as it looks: there are so many factors to keep in mind; Does this really represent the book? What if I am wrong, and the hardest one of all: What if this will hurt the feelings of the author?

Books are like big fat babies, fathered by the author. And it can hurt when someone tells you that your baby is not pretty, smart or even good enough. But on the other hand: this goes for almost everything people review so openly online. Imagine how the cook feels when someone writes on Yelp it was the worst meal they ever had. Imagine how the seller or inventor of a product feels when an Amazon user tells the world that this product is absolute shite. But then why is it important that people actually do review businesses, products, restaurants, pubs and even books? First of all, because some of the critiques might be constructive and second of all because people need to be informed before they make a purchase. Yes, even for books. An author, in the end, is nothing else but a businessman or woman trying to sell and market their product. An author is as much an artist and a businessman as the cook in the restaurant around the corner. And this is why honest reviews of books are so incredibly important.

As you might have guessed: I did not like this book at all. Was it the characters? Maybe. They sounded a bit stupid, a bit superficial as if they were just put onto the pages without much thought. They seemed like stereotypes of the stereotypes, the tropes of trope-city. Was it the writing? Yes. I was so frustrated with the writing I even decided to take out my pen to copy edit the book. It would really have helped if a professional copy-editor would have gone through the book and looked at style, pace and flow.

The story is what you can expect from almost every erotica book ever made: rich people that are out for money, revenge and steamy sex. Nothing special. Every now and then there was a twist I enjoyed, but overall I never really got into this book. I was incredibly happy when I finally turned the last page and was able to start a new book – to clean my palate so the speak.

I was surprised when I read the copious amounts of five-star reviews. Was I wrong in thinking this was a badly written book? But when I went through my notes again and looked at the editing I did in the book I knew: no. I was not wrong. For me, it just wasn’t good enough.

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