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5 Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Make In Their First Year


One of the most convenient ways for authors to make money is by freelance writing. But making your writing into a business is not easy. Although I am sure that there is nothing wrong with your writing, there might be something amiss with the way you handle clients and build out your business. So, what are mistakes you might be making?

  1. You are not following up

One of the first and most important things you will hear when talking to successful freelance writers is to always follow up. I must be honest: I did not follow up either on the first few pitches I did. It was stupid: You are literally letting money slip through your fingers!

I honestly thought that just answering the job ad and waiting – hoping, for a reply was good enough. And that if they ultimately answered but held off the boat, I was not going to get the job anyway…

How wrong I was! I have started with follow-up strategies: First follow up after 3 days, second follow up 7 days after the second and the last and ultimate one another 4 days later. I have had so many jobs appointed after following up! It is the BEST tip I can ever give to freelance authors.

  1. Your pitch is not strong enough…

You have to be confident in a pitch. Use confident words and display why you and you alone are the perfect person for this task. Talk about your last writing jobs and maybe even link to a portfolio or your blog and website.

Also remember that you are not working FOR clients, you are working WITH them. You need to convey your expert knowledge when working with clients. Even if it is your first day on the job.

  1. You only try your best when business is slow

You only start looking around and start looking for customers when your business is slow. I get it. I am the same! But it honestly is a big mistake to make. You should consistently look for new jobs, new opportunities and new people to connect with.

This means that if business is slow, you will have a pool of opportunities and people that might have work for you.

  1. You do not have a project management system

My project management system is my life saver! It honestly is! I have a spreadsheet per week with everything I want or have to achieve. One cell with the task, one where I will note if it is in progress or if it is done, and then the last cell is the deadline I set.

There are a few great project management systems and you honestly have to try out some of them to find out which works best. For me for instance, it is a variation of the bullet journal.

  1. You do not have a blog

A blog is incredibly important when you are looking for work as a freelance writer or copywriter. It is a way to show of your talent, your work and clients you have successfully worked with.

Make sure that you buy a domain for the blog. Do not set up a blog wit blogger, wix, or wordpress domain since yourblog.wordpress will look exceptionally unprofessional and actually hurt you when it comes to search engine ranking.

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5 common mistakes every freelancer makes in their first year



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