I have an incredibly big soft spot for quirky and romantic books about book worms. I devoured Jenny Colgan’s “the little shop of happily ever after” and I just knew I would absolutely LOVE Lost for words.

Loveday Cardew (Loveday… what an awesome name!) is a bookworm. In fact : she likes books more than she likes people. And honestly: who doesn’t. Her life wasn’t always easy and her salvation came in the form of Archie, a round-bellied gregarious bookshop owner in the little city of York.

This book really is like a delicate flower, lifting its secrets petal per petal, unfolding Loveday’s mysterious character and past. She guards her secrets well, but when books arrive in the shop that might suggest someone she knew had died, her story starts to unfold had her life might come tumbling down.

All chapters are named after literary genres with names like Poetry, Crime, History and Memoir, all contributing to unfolding her present-day situation and what happened in the past. This way we see her meeting with the eccentric Poet Nathan Averbury (Who I hate just because he makes me think of my ex over and over again) in Poetry and we get a glance of her history in – how did you guess… History.
I loved this story. It is just one of these books that will resonate with every reader – and writer for that point. The fact that Loveday was late for work because she needed to finish reading a chapter of a book ( oh yes, did that before) or that she “saves” lost books (BRILLIANT!), it all makes you love her character more. And although there is a very though bolster around the girl, you cannot stop thinking “Damn, I really want to have a pint with that girl”.

I loved Stephanie Butland’s Lost for Words and would recommend it to readers of all ages and backgrounds. This is not chicklit, this is readers-lit.

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