Interview with C.T. Daniels.

This week we are talking to C.T. Daniels. Daniels has just finished writing the first book in his Branded series. The series takes the reader into the dark world of human trafficking, following a victim, the family of a victim, a detective and a trafficker.

Daniels has always had an interest in human trafficking and when I was shocked that these things are still happening under our noses, Daniels shared some of the knowledge he has come to gain over the past few years.

C.T. Daniels also talks about how he, with a full-time job, a part-time job on the side and 2 small kids, was able to finish his novel in less than a year. He had tried to bring his laptop to work to hammer out some chapters in the lull moments but this did not seem to work. Writing in the evenings was also not a great idea because he ended up missing out on quality time with his wife and kids. This is when Daniels’ wife told him he should be using speech to text to write his book.

Via speech to text, Daniels was able to work twice as fast, anywhere he wanted, anytime he felt like it.

This whole episode is packed with great tips and tricks and people who have difficulties writing dialogue should definitely listen till the end since there are some prime tips coming up!

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