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Guest Post Kat French Blog Tour : How music influences my books

Kat French is currently doing a blog tour to present her absolutely FANTASTIC book Bed and Breakfast on the Beach. I read it and I am a big big big fan of the book. My review will be online tomorrow, but here, today, is a small blog post by Kat French about the music that inspired her to write the book!

How music influences my books by Kat French

Music plays a huge part for me in my writing process. I’m a massive Spotify fan – I create a new playlist for each one of my books and have it playing in the background as I work on the manuscript.

My new book, The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach, is set in Greece and features a trio of English friends who almost accidentally buy a shabby B&B on the beach on the fictional island of Skelidos. It’s really strong on romance and friendship and hopefully comedy. I like to imagine in being read on a sun-lounger accompanied by a large G&T!
I want share five of of my essential tracks from The B&B on the Beach playlist…

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Toes – Zac Brown

Easy – Sheryl Crow

I’ll Follow the Sun – The Beatles

Words I Couldn’t Say – Rascall Flats

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long – Otis Reading

Kat xx

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