Review : The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach – Kat French

If Skiledos was a real place, I’d go and live there. The island has great sandy beaches, blue seas and skies, great food and… amazing gin!

Winnie, Frankie and Stella, three British women that are rather unhappy with their lives, put all their money and hopes into a magical, Greek bed and breakfast. It soon becomes clear that Villa Valentina has secrets of her own. They found out there’s a donkey they have to take care of – The Fonz, there’s a holy bush that may never be harmed, and there is a gin distillery in the basement.

The three women all have their own reasons why they want their Greek adventures to succeed. But the question will be if they find a way to solve their problems or if they just put their worries behind them.

But what about the unfriendly neighbour next doors? Or the rock stars that rented rooms? And what about the grumpy Greek guest that doesn’t seem to want to enjoy the Island life?

I loved reading The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach. It was a breath of funny, feminist, fresh air and it was great reading the book, dreaming away on the bus. Kat French is incredibly funny and I love the way she depicted the three women, all with their own woes and problems.

And even when things get bad and hearts get broken, the bond of friendship between these women stays. I love the way French built the connections between the Islanders and the women and I love the way the friends arrive at the Villa, not knowing what to do and finding out that this wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.
My favourite character in this book? It might have been Stella. Although the characters are not all extremely deep, you get the gist. It is a light read, perfect on the beach or on the tube.

The only warning I would give is that your Gin and Tonic consumption will go up!

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