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Review: The House of Mountfathom – Nigel McDowell

The House of Mountfathom is not a normal house. It is a place of wonder, magic and mystery. Luke, who lives in this magical house and Killian, a street urchin, team up to save House Mountfathom and ultimately the land.

Luke lives in the house together with his parents. Mountfathom is the headquarters of the Driochta, a secret society full of politicians, poets, artists and activists that have mastered magic powers. But when the independence protests start in Ireland, the future of the house seems to be in danger. A darkness has taken over Dublin and Luke will have to battle this evil together with his best friend Luke and his cat Morrigan.

First of all, I have to say that I absolutely love this cover. It is intricate, it is mysterious and it is incredibly beautiful. Another thing that attracts me to this book is the description. I love a good fantasy book and will almost always say yes to stories set in Ireland. I love the country – and especially Co. Kerry, incredibly much.

But the book did not really live up to my expectations. More than once I found myself going through the pages, looking how long I still had to read in order to be done with it. Not a good sign. And I would not say it had anything to do with the story – which was perfectly adequate, I just do not like the writing style. It is quite bland and boring, which seems like a bit of a waste, especially since the author has created such a beautiful and magical world.

Somebody on Goodreads pointed out the book was a mix between Lemony Snicket and The Dark Is Rising, but without the humour and the quirkiness. And I honestly think that does sum it up quite nicely.

Bit of a shame, but would not read it again.

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