We authors slave away behind a desk for hours and hours in order to write the book we have always wanted to publish.
We come home from sedentary day jobs and then put our butt down onto our comfy chair to start honing those sentences and words.

Did you know that sitting behind a desk for long periods of time gives you 50% more chance of obesity?
I have noticed the extra kilo’s on the scale, ever since I started writing and blogging. Did you?

Standing desks are a great way to keep your body and your muscles working while you work on your posture and health. The alternation between sitting and standing up helps you to keep fit and healthy. It increases your blood pressure, concentration, metabolic rate and energy which helps you to regulate your blood pressure, blood sugar, body weight and stress.
The perfect balance between sitting and standing up is 1 hour of sitting, followed by 30 minutes of standing up. It would even be better if you can introduce some movement in between!

Other things you can do to get some blood flowing during writing or editing is by :

  • getting up and moving around. You can, for instance, do this when you are reading through your manuscript or when you are researching things on your tablet.
  • Go up and down the stairs to increase your concentration.
  • You can even do some simple stretching exercises at your desk.
  • Don’t forget to take a little break every now and then.

Another thing you can try is to divide your work between standing and sitting.

For instance: heavy writing that asks for a lot of concentration, you can do while sitting. Editing and research, you can do while standing. When you are doing a lot of creative thinking, it is best to stand in order to get your blood flowing. Getting more blood to your brain will alow you to reach deeper into your vocabulary and be more creative!

I was lucky enough to try the new Fellowes sit and stand desk and it just changed my whole life!
I now feel like I can work on my book and my body at the same time. How amazing is this! I felt a change in my posture and noticed that my shoulders would not be as strained as they normally are when sitting in front of my laptop for hours on end.

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why every author should have a standing desk