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Why Influencer Marketing is a gold mine for authors

Self-Publishing is hard. There are so many things you need to figure out yourself: how to publish, where to find an editor, how to commission a great book cover, how to market your book, etc. It is no secret that I have always tried to help self-publishing authors to find their way through the publishing jungle via my podcast and blog posts.

When working with self-publishing authors, I often heard their biggest problem lay with the promotion of their book.
“How do I get people to buy my book?”

If you, as an author, go round to people and tell them that your book is absolutely amazing, they will not believe you. And why should they? Every author – good and bad, praise their book, think it is the bee’s knees. And it is their good right. They have worked on the book for months, maybe even years. The book has become an inherent part of their lives and even their self.
But this kind of promotion does not work. It does not matter how many tweets you send out into the world, how many book promo’s you make on youtube or even how many people you nudge on Facebook. Once you have sold to your friends, family and maybe even – if you are lucky enough, their circle of friends, the stream of book sales turns into a little trickle.

The success you first thought you had has now dried out and you stay behind, asking yourself how to reach new people and how to boost your book and its sales in such a way that your dreams of becoming a bestselling author come true.

One of the best answers to that question is influencer marketing.

During my time as a marketer in the Beauty Industry, I noticed that most money was not made through advertising or pretty banners or even Facebook posts. Most money was made through bloggers and influencers.

It was even so obvious that when we asked a blogger to promote one of our promotional offers, we made a month’s income in the first 5 hours. That is the power of bloggers.

When working with authors, I always found that people were hesitant in working with bloggers. They were scared of receiving bad reviews, that bloggers would not want to work with them or that it would cost too much.

First of all: No book is safe against bad reviews. Not everyone has the same taste and there will be people that will not like your book. This is why it is important to look for bloggers you know will love your writing and your story.

Not all bloggers will want to work with you. This can be due to multiple reasons. Some people are not interested in your book straight away, some are busy and some just do not feel that chemistry when talking to you. This is why you need to know how to approach, talk to, and handle working with bloggers.

And even though Influencer Marketing might include a little investment, on average, every $1 put into influencer marketing generates $6. That is a 500% return of investment, a ROI most Facebook marketing agencies dare only dream of.

But Influencer Marketing is an art.Not only do you need to know what influencers and bloggers to approach and which ones to ignore, you also need to go for influencers that can make you into the bestselling author you deserve to be.

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