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99 Red Balloons – Elisabeth Carpenter Review

I absolutely love thrillers and I’m always looking forward to new Avon releases since I have noticed in the past year that they never disappoint. Ever.

99 Red Balloons is an amazing debut with shocking twists revealed along the way. A must read for crime and thriller fans!

When a young girl is taken in broad day light, her family is left in absolute shambles. Emma and Matt were prepared for anything, except for their little daughter Grace to be snatched at the sweets shop by an unknown man.

Stephanie, Emma’s sister, tries to take care of her sister and husband in law throughout these testing times. Together with DI Hines and DS Berry, the family tries to unravel the motive of the snatching, who did it and if they will ever see their little girl alive.

Not too far away, the disappearance of Grace tears opens some old wounds. Maggie follows the news of the missing girl as it reminds her of times gone by, when her own Granddaughter was abducted. How it tore her family apart and how she was now left alone and without anything or anyone.

The story is told in chapters alternating the narrator and thus the point of view. This makes that the book has an amazing amount of layers, ready to be peeled off. You can hear the terror in the character’s voice, feel the paranoia in their actions: who has my child.

I absolutely loved the twists and the book genuinely made me grasp for air every now and then. A lot of books promise big and massive twists, but this is one of the only ones that keeps promise. What a read!


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