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240 Colours and their names in English

When writing a book or a text, nothing is more dull than using “flat speech”. With “Flat Speech” I mean any language that does not tickle your senses and transports you to the world the book creates. There is a very big difference between “Her red robes.” and “Her scarlet robes”. Which does not mean that “little red riding hood” and “Little scarlet riding hood” are the same little girls, if you catch my drift?

Words have power and it is up to you as an author to use the words that would complement your book or story the most. It is often difficult to find the right words when it comes to shades of colours. This is why I have made a little guide on the colours and their other and different names.

other words for colous 1other words for colours beigeother words for colours yellowother words for colours redother words for colours pinkother words for colours purpleother words for colours blueother words for colours greenother words for colours brownother words for colours black

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