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Review – Blues Harp Green

Young adult is one of those genres I love to read, curled up on the sofa with a big mug of hot tea, coffee – or just a giant glass of red wine. It transports me back to my own teenage years, my own struggles and the butterflies in my bellies for stupid boys.

And this Blues Harp Green does just that. The whole book – just like Rainbow Rowell’s fangirl, wrapped me in a warm cocoon of ‘teenageness’ I just did not want to leave. I closed the book and wished I could jump back in – just like I did with most of John Green’s books. Actually, I would even say that this book is a must read for all John Green fans!

The story revolves around Francie. Francie lives for playing tennis – Tennis literally is her life! She would love to win the nationals and even win her own Grand Slam. She even ignored her doctor’s advice to rest her damaged knee and not to play tennis.

When she visits her dad on a filming location in Austin, she meets Chet. Chet is a mystery, a cute, handsome, amazingly awesome mystery that seems to actually like her… so she keeps in touch with this handsome rocker, but will have to learn some hard lessons and truths along the way as she tries to deal with her own dreams and expectations, her father’s alcoholism and falling in love…

I like this book a lot. It perfectly played out the teenage woos and fears that I knew just too well 10 years ago ( damn, I feel old!). I know that Francie sometimes feels very stupid, self-absorbed and plain annoying, BUT HEY: that is how teenagers are. If the guy does not text back , the whole world stops turning and starts crumbling away. I love how this feeling has been carved into the overall theme of the book: taking small and insignificant life events and put them in teenage perspective.

But do not get me wrong, Francie is an incredibly detailed and complex character that has been written down with almost perfect precision. Schubert basically brings her to life on the pages!

I loved this book, and I cannot stress this enough: if you are a John Green fan, you NEED to read this book!

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