Prop Smaller Cover (002)Why I think this might be worth a read: 

We in the west, have all grown up with the stories of the Brother’s Grimm, some of us – if lucky, with the legends and lore of their own country and culture. This is why I think it might be interesting to go and discover the lore and legends of the Far East. When I visited China – and even Indonesia and Thailand, there were so many mythological creatures, gods and superstitions, that I was taken aback.

This is a book for people that like lore and legends and would like to get to know a bit more about Far Eastern myths. Beanie Lei has basically recreated and rescaped some of the myths and put them together in a fantasy book!

A gossipy, rule-bound, and cocky young God of the Eastern Heavens stumbles onto the adventure of adventures in the mythical Far West of Middle Earth, where he meets sneaky trolls, snarky talking animals, quarrelsome local families, and The Prophecy itself. How does he fare?

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