beyond the spiral gates book promotionWickfield’s was the name of an institution that housed children deemed too dangerous to live in regular
Beyond the Spiral Gates is a raw coming-of-age odyssey, a first-hand account of one boy’s experiences at
the archaic Wickfields School for Criminal Children. From the idyllic sun-drenched fields of Hayvern to the
shadowy hallways of Wickfields, the story delves deep into the epicentre of the human psyche. Starting in
the present day with the protagonist as an elderly man and chronic insomniac who struggles to come to
terms with his own mortality as he confronts the demons of his youth spent at Wickfields, the story spins
us back through the years to where it all began. It’s a tale of self-exploration, a redemptive narrative as
well as a harrowing love story that does not spare raw emotion as the protagonist grapples with the
trauma of the events that shaped that period of his adolescent life. Beyond The Spiral Gates is a gutwrenching account of one boy’s journey of self-discovery, told in an unflinching and engaging voice.




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