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Book Spotlight – Things we didn’t ask for by Shannon Massey

ThingsWeDidn'tAskForCover (002)

One – This story started for an anthology submission. I saw the post two days
before the submission closed and I couldn’t write fast enough. So I went back
to revisit and tweak it for this collection. It started with an acquaintance
and I talking about an ex she said, “I felt like I was playing house with a
psychopath.” This story is from three POV’s. Upstairs-Mary, Downstairs-Mary,
and Holly. A hashtag marks the beginning/end of each characters section.

Two – This was another one for an anthology submission I saw. I forgot to
bookmark the submission page and could not find it again. I finished the
story and tweaked it to work for this collection. It came from an image in a
dream of a girl chained in an underground cavern with water rising.

Three – This was the hardest piece to write. I have a visceral reaction to
the situation the Main Character is in. It started as a writing sample. The
character’s wouldn’t leave me alone, so here we are. While researching for
the writing sample I was horrified by some of the terrible things people do
to their children. As a mother I cannot understand how anyone could be that
cruel to their child. As the daughter of two loving parents it is difficult
to wrap my head around being hurt by your parents. (My parents didn’t even
spank us lol). I’m still working on this piece with the end goal of a
standalone story and a happy ending for Sticks because she deserves one.

Four – I’m querying a novel called Welcome To The Resistance. It started as a
way to work through all the feelings I had surrounding the 2016 election and
turned into a novel. I set this piece in that world. I had a dream about
someone stuck in an underground railroad type situation but murderous white
supremacists overtook the safe house. With how intense Emaciated is I tried
to keep a lighter tone with this piece.

Five – This was in my “extras” folder. I was going to change the lead
character from a man to a woman but I left it as is. There is nothing more
infuriating for a woman than having her narrative taken over by a man. There
is the mindset of who wants to hear from a woman?

Six – I left this formatted as a screenplay and included it as a bonus piece.
If you read it and want to make it contact me, we can chat. It was written as
a writing sample for a single location paranormal piece.



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