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Mind Me Milady – Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks Review

Mind me, Milady is the second instalment of the Jane Larson series. Jane is an attorney on the Upper East Side in New York city. For those who never watched Gossip Girl: think big ass apartments we could never afford, Limousines and around the clock designer clothes. But that is not the life that Jane is living,  as she is closing up her mother’s, Martha, practice. It was he dying wish. Too bad Martha basically gave away her services for free, because for what is going to happen to Jane and her newest client, I would definitely ask a few hundred thousand!
After all, there is a rapist on the lose! The rapist – dubbed the Gentleman Rapist for his impeccable manners, has chosen Jane to share his conquests with. He calls her to talk about the rape and always reminds her that one day, it will be her throat he will catch with his wire.

The book is well thought out and I love the fact that everybody links back to everyone else- with their own goals and desires. But that in the end, the common goal is to stop this rapist turned sadistic killer.
I am a memer. This means that I love memes and I love to share them with my friends. And one of the meme subclasses I love the most is the fedora. When I started to read this book, I literally had to laugh at the fact that there were so many similarities between the fedora and this rapist: says Milady (which is a VERY common and pauper way of saying My Lady), measures himself a British accent, wants to overpower women and rapes them because he can never have them in real life… I mean. I just had to point this out.

But without going to deep into detail, I want to say that I enjoyed this book a lot. I am not too sure about the cover as I find it quit 80’s and bleak. A bit too “65-year-old-that-just-discovered-photoshop-CS3” for my style. The book is well written. Every now and then I do find parts where they should have altered the pace or could have polished the manuscript a bit more to make the scene stand out from the page. But it is an enjoyable read that will definitely get a place in my bookcase.


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