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Why every writer should blog

Have you ever considered blogging? It is a must for anyone who likes to write. Why? Let me tell you:

1. Fast publication and feedback

With the press of a button you can publish your blog post. Then everyone can read your work immediately. Waiting until your post is published in a magazine or book can take a very long time. It is almost impossible to publish your work any faster. Moreover, people can respond to what you put online. Through the feedback you become a better writer faster. In addition, everything goes more smoothly as you practice more.

2. Interesting contacts

As a blogger you can easily get in touch with other bloggers. That way you get to know people that you might otherwise not meet. You may even find a “writing buddy” or a “blog buddy”. Do you work in an organization or company? Then you can also establish contacts with customers and (potential) partners. Or you can communicate with your friends and family while being on a trip. So you do not have to tell the same story ten times in a postcard. By sharing your experiences, you relive them together with others.

3. Inspiring portfolio

Many bloggers use their online site as a portfolio. With this they show what they can and know. That way they show potential employers or publishers what they have in store. With a blog you also keep knowledge for yourself and for others. You profile yourself as an expert in your field. With that you can help or inspire others. You also learn a lot yourself. Because before you start writing, you often first search for information about the subject, especially if you write non-fiction.

4. Advertising yourself

Finally, blogs are often an effective way to do marketing. People get to know you and / or your company or organization. That way they get more interest in you and they start buying something from you, for example a book. You can also write blog posts that later grow into a book. The more you blog, the more ideas you get to write about. You can even make money with your blog or you can be paid with products or services.


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