We all know the feeling: that nagging backpain after an evening or an afternoon behind the keyboard. You have been slaving away through story arcs and dialogues, and your shoulders and back just feel as if you have been hauling bricks the whole day. Uhmpf.

I have tried a lot: a new chair, a better desk, a good sitting position… and nothing really helped. Naipo was so kind to send me this pillow in order to battle my bad back while writing. It is a shiatzu massage pillow which will allow me to write carefree and without that nagging pain.

The delivery came quick. It did not take more than three days for the package to reach my door step. It came in a beautifully designed carry box.

When unpacking, the first thing I notices was the incredible quality of both the packaging as the pillow. The pillow is made of what I think is cotton and feels amazing. You can clearly feel and see the four kneading balls.


At the side of the pillow you can find a zip so washing the cover is very easy. I think you might even be able to make your own if you are good with a needle and a thread.

Since the pillow comes in quite a neutral colour, the pillow fits in almost every living room and office.

I have been using the pillow for a week now and I cannot live without it anymore. It has really been helping me with my bad back and my shoulders feel a lot better now.

The pillow itself has two settings: a normal setting and a heated setting. In the heated setting the kneaders heat up to give your back and neck muscles a bit more love. It is my favourite setting.

I have notably less backpain and I can feel it is much easier to concentrate on my work and on writing. I could not recommend this pillow more for fellow writers and authors that have neck and shoulder pains while writing!

You can get one here and you can use the code SARH5VZQ for 25% off.