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Extract Ten: Chapter 41, p.409

The only other person who knew the truth was Mike. He’d found Lisa passed out on the floor after hearing the news from Ian, so of course she’d had to tell him. He’d thought she was winding him up at first, or at least someone was winding her up. When the manager from The Grange had called back, Mike had been the one to speak to him. The next day he’d insisted on visiting the hotel in person. But no one there had remembered Elliot, even when Mike had used his phone to show them that video online.

Now Mike seemed more ready to accept it than Lisa. He said it somehow made a strange kind of sense after what he’d been through with Elliot on his final afternoon. He claimed that Elliot had done something to him then: helped him in a way that he couldn’t exactly remember but which had made him feel an awful lot better about his life in general, infusing him with a new sense of purpose and an ability to move on from the whole Liam Hornby thing.

Obviously Lisa had probed Mike about this, keen for more information, but he genuinely appeared to have forgotten. He said the last thing he remembered was walking down Vicky Lane with Elliot and him pointing out the spot where Lisa had first met her old friend, all those years ago, hiding behind a bush in his underwear. Then he was walking home alone, feeling happier than he had in ages.

They’d decided not to tell Ben and Chloe for now, fearing it would be too much for them to comprehend. So Lisa had had to hide the awful grief she was feeling from them, which hadn’t been easy.

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