Since I am moving out to Dubai soon – and filling my one suitcase (30kg max!!!) with books is not going to cut it – I need clothes as well, I decided to sign up to Netgalley for some new reads. After a browse through the website when relaxing in bath ( I loooove baths) I decided to request “Rebel With A Cupcake” for review. The cover looks amazing, the premise sounds interesting, and I was looking for a light, funny and maybe even romantic read.

Rebel With A Cupcake is the story of Jesobel Jones, a curvy girl that feels pressure at school and at home to be thin. As someone who (currently) is size 16, I get it. Looking in the mirror can be quite hard, understanding what other people might find attractive about you often impossible.

When on “Wear your own clothes day” Jesobel gets bullied by the school’s mean girl, she starts to doubt herself. She goes from “not all to unhappy about my body” to “Omg I am a whale!” from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. Been there, done that. Especially as a teenager. I used to be a size 12 – But I was still the fattest kid in class.

Rebel With A Cupcake

Anyway – Jesobel gets bullied by the mean girl AND by the mean teacher. Now, let me tell you something. I am married to a British teacher. He comes from a teaching family where his mom is quite a high-powered principal in the South and his sister teaches an adorable class or primary school kids. If ANY teacher… ANY teacher AT ALL would tell a kid they were fat just to spite them – there would be sanctions – if not to say they would be walked out off the school by the elbow as a safeguarding risk.

I really enjoyed the first part of the book. My kindle told me it was about 1/5th into the story. By that point the pace of the story had slowed down considerably and the reader was left alone in one book with Jesobel’s insecurities and sass. I love a bit of sass, don’t get ne wrong – but hardly anything happened after that. She went on a run, she cooked dinner, she yapped about not eating anything hardy hardy har. It was sloooooooooooow. The story was so slow in fact that I thought about quitting – but instead I skimmed pages.

And I skimmed some more. Almost everything to be honest… except for some juicy parts.

I love the interpersonal relationships and the in-depth character development. But when there is no story that pushes these characters into action, it can slow the whole book down and ultimately makes your ability to give a fuck disappear.

3/5 for the great sass, the good writing and the amazing characters but the obvious lack of story and pace.

You can find the book on Amazon