I absolutely love romantic women’s fiction. Hell, every now and again I try to write my own bit of romantic – cottage-by-the-sea or cute-girl-in-London-meeting-perfect-man kind of stories, although they never ever see the light of day.

I cannot really say when I first fell in love with the genre – was it after reading Bridget Jones’ Diary for the first time – or maybe later… with The Bed and Breakfast by the Beach? I don’t know. I just love that I want to read almost every single book in this genre I can get my hands on.

I found this book on NetGalley and I simply HAD to request it. Not too long after I received a notification that Confetti and Confusion was ready for me on my shelf.

Millie – Amelia, Harper is now ready to open the Paradise Cookery School. After she spent weeks and weeks looking over the construction of the school and especially the kitchen, the owner of the school asked Millie to run their very first cooking class after she broke her leg.

Now it was up to Millie to ensure that bride to be Imogen and her fantastic band of friends had an amazing time on their cookery course.

But even though Millie absolutely loves her time on the island – and with the handsome estate manager Zach, she knows that she is unable to stay. Especially when someone from Zach’s past arrives to mess things up.

And why are things going wrong with the wedding? Is someone sabotaging Imogen and Alex’ happiness? And will Millie be able to help them out.

Even though the book seemed quite interesting at first, I soon enough found out that there actually is not much to it. There is no chemistry between Millie and Zach, everything is more or less predictable – except for the one thing that is totally unpredictable because it is so out there that I am scared NASA might want to send a new ROVER mission to that wedding-ruining plot, and the characters seem very self-involved, crunchy middle class and often nothing more than cardboard caricature cut-outs.

I found myself skipping through a lot of content (yes content) – and asking myself how and why you would book a cookery class that ONLY features chocolate. And trust me: I am a foodie, I am fat, I am female and I am Belgian: I LOVE my chocolate… but I still wouldn’t do that.

Overall, I was quite happy to have finished the book so I could start reading something else. I basically kept reading to find out if she would get the guy – and I was not disappointed (which meant I was a bit disappointed as – like I said, there was no spark between them).

I was desperate to love this book. Daisy James has some other books that look amazing and I was absolutely ready to read those books. 2.5/5 – for the great setting but the lack of anything really interesting. It lacked developmental editing – which is sad because I see what Daisy James tried to do, but I don’t think it was there yet…