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Review: The Perfect Duchess – Erica Taylor

WHAAAA! A new book by Erica Taylor!
That was basically my reaction when Amberjack reached out to me if I wanted to review this book. OBVIOUSLY! I absolutely loved the first book in the series: a suitable affair. It definitely was my favorite book of last year.

“But Lieze – this book has been out for so long.”
Yes. I know. I definitely have not been posting as much. I have not been posting at all to be honest. Why? We,ll I started out helping friends set up a marketing agency and before I knew it I was their marketing manager.

I also took on freelance work translating books from English into Dutch. I will most definitely talk about the amazing series I am currently translating because I am super proud at my work.

So yes, I was incredibly excited when I finally found the time to start reading this book – which is about 2 weeks ago. Gee I really am busy…

In this book the stern but heart-warming Duke Andrew Macalister reconnects with his childhood crush Clara. Clara had snuck out to go to the Duke’s ball – but little did she know her evil brother would punish her so severely.

Clara’s sister left Duke Andrew in front of the altar not five years ago. Her father died soon after he heard the news of her passing and after she came into the care of the Duke of Morton, her brother started spreading vicious lies about Clara – which basically meant re-entering society was very hard.

Andrew decides to do the honorable thing and proposes marriage – but as they get to know each other better they find out that Clara’s life might actually be in danger!

I was a bit weary when I started reading this book. Taylor did such a great job writing out Susanna – and she perfectly fit my own character and aspirations, that it would be a tough one to follow up. Especially since from the last book, we know that Andrew had quite a stiff upper lip.

But Taylor shows a real human, caring and kind side to the Duke – but also a feisty side to Clara! Where they were more or less side characters (and maybe not that interesting) in the last book, I found myself rooting for Clara and Andrew in this absolute page turner. Taylor just makes her characters jump off the page – which is one of the best qualities in a writer if you ask me.

One of the reasons why I just absolutely LOVE this series – while I am not a big fan of Regency Romance in general, is because these women have heart, they are feisty and they can stand on their own two feet.

I do have to say that although I did love this book, A Suitable Affair is still my favourite of the two. But this series is surely a must read for everyone who loves kickass female protagonists, steamy romance and the regency period!

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