For self-publishing authors, marketing your book can be overwhelming. There you are, you just edited your manuscript for the 10.000th time and you literally could not wait to hit that damn publish button. But now you have to start marketing your book. Shit! That is actually quite scary.

For someone who never ever did any marketing, for someone who might not be as knowledgeable about social media, digital marketing can seem impossible. But as a self-publishing author, you NEED to market your book. You can OR spend money and hire an agency OR you can do it all yourself. And most authors choose for the latter… and fail miserably!

This book gives authors a primer in marketing. Yes. A primer. As a marketer myself – a book marketer, I can say that this book, although it contains a lot of information, is nothing more but a base you need to start from.

In fact, even though the information was great and the writing was good, the information conveyed by the book is easily found online on websites such as the kindlepreneur. Yes I would actually recommend reading books on marketing before starting your marketing efforts. However, I do not know if this book is the best one to buy. You might already know a lot of the things the book talks about – again, everything is very basic, or it might not apply to you.

I feel this book might be helpful for a lot of non-fiction authors. Yes, indeed, some of the info such as building mailing lists is applicable to fiction writers as well – however, everything seems geared towards building an author brand that screams ‘expert’ or ‘thought-leader’.

I never really had a ‘that is such a good tip’ or ‘that is an amazing idea’ moment when reading this book, a feeling I often have when reading blog posts or marketing whitepapers.

This book is nothing more than a well written primer. You will be able to find most of this information for free online. Nothing really outrageous, time-saving or actually ‘new’ is being said. Would only recommend for people who are just… clueless.